About Us

Our vision – Our goal

Everyone is part of it
All people  with or without disabilities, should participate naturally and together.

Plato’s opinion was that a person who cannot speak can also not think. Fortunately, everyone knows that this does not stand.


With sign language you can really tell everything – what have happened during the day, what Blockbuster is… You can also discuss complicated topics.

Since 1994, article 3 of the Basic Law says: “No one may be disadvantaged because of his disability.” This means that everyone can decide for themselves what they want to share and in what way. No one is obligated to adapt, but everyone can live according to his wishes. Nevertheless, there are still many prejudices and obstacles for people with visible and invisible disabilities. We want to do our part to change this !

And for that we stand with our products:


Lulëzime Prekazi


Georg Erbrich